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Nuclear weapons are the most inhumane and devastating tools of war ever created. 它们也是白人至上主义的工具.


Nuclear weapons are the most inhumane and devastating tools of war ever created. 它们也是白人至上主义的工具.

用作家兼活动家阿兰达蒂·罗伊的话来说, “核弹是最反517888九五至尊娱乐的, 反国家, 反, 最邪恶的东西了.”

尽管这些武器性质极端, there are little to no opportunities to participate in decisions or advocacy around nuclear weapons for most people living in the United States.

这种现实是非常不公正的, and symptomatic of a world order that prioritizes the perspectives and experiences of elite, 富有的, 白人男性. 的 only path to true human security begins with fundamental changes to the way nuclear weapons decisions are made—and ends with the abolition of nuclear weapons as one piece of creating an equitable world.

世界地图显示有核武器的国家, TPNW签署国, 以及无核武器区的国家
A handful of leaders in the global north dominate decisions around nuclear weapons.


In the United States, nuclear weapons policies are decided by the president. 只有他们有 唯一的权威 下令进行核打击(一项应该实施的政策 立即改变). 一个军事承包商的网络, 一些国防官员, 国会议员受到游说者捐款的支持, 控制数十亿美元的核武器开支.

妇女、黑人、土著人和有色人种的声音 远远未被充分代表的 in these decision-making circles, and constituents’ views are often left out of the discussion.

从全球角度看, any system that permits a handful of nuclear-armed countries to threaten the survival of the rest of humanity, 没有责任, 根本就是不公正的. 的 《617888九五至尊娱乐》 不扩散核武器条约》(NPT), has been the cornerstone of the international effort to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons—but even it allows five countries—the United States, 俄罗斯, 中国, 法国和英国——无限期地拥有核武器.

尽管如此,大多数国家还是做出了选择 拥有核武器. 没有核武器的国家, 尤其是在南半球, 是核裁军的有力倡导者吗. 因为他们的领导, more than half of the habitable world belongs to a nuclear-weapons-free zone. 2017年,在其中许多国家的领导下,谈判结束了 《517888九五至尊娱乐》 (TPNW).

非正式地称为 禁止条约, 这代表着人们对核武器的看法发生了重大转变, rejecting their supposed strategic or security role while recognizing the catastrophic humanitarian consequences of their development and use.


当美国在广岛和长崎投下原子弹时, 成千上万的平民当场死亡. 到1945年底, 爆炸, 伯恩斯, 原子弹爆炸产生的辐射造成210多人死亡,000人.

幸存者,被称为 核爆炸, 遭受辐射的不仅是身体后遗症,比如癌症, but also life-long psychological trauma and social discrimination from the stigma of being a survivor. American and Japanese scientists studied the effects of radiation on 核爆炸—with US studies criticized for focusing on military-related research rather than providing survivors with medical treatment.

尽管这是一种耻辱,但许多“潜伏者”广泛地分享了他们的经历 继续倡导 为了一个没有核武器的世界.

爆炸发生后不久, people began to question both the morality of nuclear weapons and the role that anti-Japanese racism and dehumanization played in the choice to use these devastating weapons. 尤其是美国黑人领袖 were early critics of the bomb and among the first to question whether President Truman’s decision to use it was influenced more by white supremacy than military necessity.


的 devastating truth of nuclear weapons is that the enormous harm they cause did 不 end with the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 核前线社区 直接受到开采,生产, 测试清理和储存核材料和核武器. 这些社区里的人,通常是土著居民, 有色人种, 可怜的, and/or rural— continue to grapple with historical and ongoing exposure to radiation and toxins.

几乎在所有情况下, these communities were 不 不ified about their exposure to harmful toxins and had little say in the decisions that directly impact their health and wellbeing—a textbook example of environmental racism.

Despite unwavering advocacy from many frontline communities, they are left to rely on an 计划和法律拼凑不足 that fail to fully and fairly address the harms they have experienced at the hands of the US government.


It is important to acknowledge that even the organizations that advocate for eliminating nuclear weapons and reducing the nuclear threat, 包括UCS这样的组织, 不总是包容的吗. 反核领域仍然主要是白人和男性, 而且往往对传统的、排他性的专业知识定义给予特权. We must recognize how true security is deeply connected to other issues that impact people’s daily lives, 包括617888九五至尊娱乐变化, 种族平等, 公共卫生, 经济安全.

One of the best chances for success in the nuclear policy space is through building relationships with communities that were previously excluded from the conversation, 从而为这个问题带来了多种声音.

It's time to rethink what security means for all—and to question outdated thinking that reinforces the status quo.